September's Hive Society Employee of the Month is...

We asked staff to nominate peers in September who fit the description: September - This person celebrates the things that make us all unique. This person is intentional about including diverse perspectives and ideas in decision-making. This person embodies “diversity in our schools and community.”

The CSD PREPARE Team voted on submissions and chose Ms. Jennifer Morris, Boone Elementary/Yellowjacket Early Learning Center, as September's Hive Society Employee of the Month. Dr. Cargile and peers surprised Ms. Morris with the award.


“Jenny is the first person we see in the morning and greets everyone with respect. She knows more about each individual’s background than we can even imagine. With 300 kids here at Boone and another 100+ at YELC she makes sure to take a step back and recognize each individual for who they are. Jenny always goes above and beyond to help students feel needed, loved, and accepted for whatever background they bring. She is always trying to come up with new ideas in inclusiveness and is always ready to bounce ideas off of one another to make sure everyone is accepted. Jenny is a one of a kind, on the go, never misses a beat, there when you need her and makes sure you feel heard, accepted, and are safe!”