Every month, Hive Society asks staff to nominate their colleagues that exemplify certain character traits.  These traits align with our district core values and our PBIS team's core expectations for students.  Your Crisis, Safety and Wellness committee members, including representatives from each building and various departments, chooses  a monthly district-wide honoree from all nominations.  

All October Nominees

All November Nominees

October's Hive Society Character Trait was Patience: Someone who exemplifies this trait is known for Responding with our values and beliefs rather than our impulses and our immediate feelings:  Congratulations to Colleen McClain.

Colleen's responses to the incredible stresses put on her these last 7 months has been exemplary. She has been showing all of us in Technology what professional patience looks like!

So many people mentioned Colleen's incredible gift of staying calm under pressure and constantly helping all of us.

November's Character Trait was Humility.  Someone who exemplifies humility is authentic without being arrogant and understands that everyone has something to teach them:   Congratulations to Indian Creek's  Ms. Cayetana Maristela.  She was nominated by Tara Howard.  Tara writes:

Catyetana is one of my role models.  She gives her time, love, belongings and is always learning.  There is not an arrogant bone in her body and she's very willing to admit her faults and ignorance on a subject when it's necessary.  It doesn't make her stupid, but rather it makes her wise.  She understands that people are more likely to learn from her when they can share as well.  She is a life long learner from not only books but people.  She learns from our students as much as she does from adults.  If anyone in our school or district personifies this trait, it is Ms. Maristela.

Cayetana is very charitable, but you would not know it unless you ask her.  She's taken so much time, effort and money to build and help maintain a library in her hometown in the Philippines.